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Parisienne Walkways Chords

Gary Moore

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Learn how to play "Parisienne Walkways" with online video lessons!
Intro- Am , Dm , G , C , F7M , Bm7(b5) , E , A Am Dm I remember Paris in '49. G C The Champs Elysée, San Michelle And old Beaujolais wine. F7M Bm7(b5) And I recall that you were mine E A G#- A (Solo em cima da Introduçao) In those Parisienne days. Dm Looking back at the photographs. G C Those summer days spent outside corner cafes. F7M Bm7(b5) Oh, I could write you paragraphs, E A G#- A About my old Parisienne days.
Learn how to play "Parisienne Walkways" with online video lessons

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