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Your Love Never Fails Chords

Jesus Culture

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Added by Michel

Em      C
Nothing can separate
G         D
Even if I ran away
Em              C     G     D
Your love never fails
Em       C
I know I still make mistakes, but
    G                     D
You have new mercy for me everyday
Em              C      G   D
Your love never fails

C            G                   D
You stay the same through the ages
Am              C
Your love never changes
There may be pain in the night
    D                Am
But joy comes in the morning
C   G                 D
And when the oceans rage
        Am              C
I donít have to be afraid
          G                     D
Because I know that you love me
                             C  G  D
And your love never fails

Em                       C
The wind is strong and the waterís deep, but
G                         D
Iím not alone here in these open seas
Em                 C        G D
Cause your love never fails
Em                     C
The chasm was far too wide
G                             D
I never thought Iíd reach the other side
Em                  C       G D
But your love never fails

         C           Em                D
You make all things, work together for my good 
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