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After The Ending Chords

John Frusciante

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F#m D A D Pain runs through life F#m D A D PleasuresÂ’ other side F#m D A D Fear, some say, gives us such long lives F#m D A D Leads us where we drive F#m E D Time will soon be born F#m E D A Bm F#m It is starting all the dawn D A Bm F#m And the world is moving towards D A Bm F#m Things like opposites and wars D A Bm F#m And one knows to hear birds sing D A Bm Bm There was nothing till the beginning Yeesss D A Bm F#m And the water from my eyes D A Bm F#m Is because I care who dies D A Bm F#m Although death is transforming D A Bm There is nothing after the ending
Learn how to play "After The Ending" with online video lessons

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