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Ah Yom Chords

John Frusciante

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Added by Michel

A#         F      Cm
I've got a million to choose from
          A#         F      Cm
A million ways things could be
         A#        F     Cm
In dull moments I feel like
                   A#      F      Cm
There's a million options I see
     A#          F       Cm
The trouble is choosing one
     A#         F     Cm
The trouble is doing one
    A#           F         Cm
A slave in the fields one night
       A#     F     Cm
He's running along
            A#          F      Cm
Gets far enough to be a free man
           A#         F    Cm
And he's feeling so strong
Cm                        A#  F
That's how actions should be
Cm                      A#   F       Cm
Step after step is our only choice in a walk
Cm                                A#       F    Cm
When we run at the mouth we jump back and forth
             A#          F    Cm
There's only one please I'm going
              A#   F     Cm
There's only one destiny
            A#          F     Cm
And if my mind tells me otherwise
            A#    F         Cm
Then it's a poor guide for me
Cm               A#    F           Cm
All of the energy…………..   in a life
Cm                       A#      F    Cm
Is nothing more than a spark in a fire

Cm                              A#          F   Cm
The whole course of time is the blink of an eye
Cm           A# 
Rain in the slums
F   Cm
Ah Yom
Cm        A#
Into the cards
F    Cm
Ahm Yum
Cm           A#
Rain in the slums
F   Cm
Ah Yom
Cm   A#  F    Cm
Into another world
Ahm Yum 
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