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Roni, Roni Chords

Paul Wilbur

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Added by Miguel
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E7        Am         G     Dm
   Roni, Roni  Bat Zion, Hariu  Yisrael.
   E7            Am      F7M Dm      E7     Am  Dm  Am
   Simchi V'altsi  B'chol Lev,   Bat Yerushalayim.
   Dm                E 
   For the Lord has taken your punishment,
   Dm7                   E
      destroyed your enemies;
   Am               G
     King of Israel, Lord of all is He,
   F7M               Dm
     in the midst of us, He is mighty.

   (mesma sequencia desde o principio)
   Rejoice, rejoice, daughter of Zion, shout aloud Israel;
   Sing, rejoice with all your heart, O Jerusalem.
   Hesir HaShem mishpotaich, 
   Pina oyovech;
   Melech Israel, Adonai,
   Bekirbech, Altirai.

   (mesma sequĂȘncia de "For the Lord has...")
   For the Lord, your God, in the midst of you,
   mighty is His name.
   Rejoicing over you, with songs of gladness,
   singing joyfully, He will save us. 
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