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Whiter Shade Of Pale Chords

Procol Harum

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C G/B Am Am/G We skipped the last fandango <--- parte 1 She said "There is no reason, <--- parte 2 F F/E Dm Dm/C And turned cartwheels across the floor And the truth is plain to see," G/B G/F Em Em/G ( G7 ) I was feeling kind of seasick But I wandered through my playing cards C G/B Am Am/G But the crowd called out for more And would not let her be F F/E Dm Dm/C The room was humming harder One of sixteen vestal virgins G/B G/F Em Em/G ( G7 ) As the ceiling flew a- way Who were leaving for the coast C G/B Am Am/G When we called out for a- nother drink And although my eyes were o- pen F F/E Dm Dm/C The waiter brought a tray They might just as well have been closed Chorus G13 C G/B Am Am/G And so it was that later F F/E Dm Dm/C As the miller told his tale G/B G/F Em Em/G ( G7 ) That her face at first just ghostly C F C G7 C Turned a whiter shade of pale
Learn how to play "Whiter Shade Of Pale" with online video lessons

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