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Sweet Disposition Acoustic Chords

The Temper Trap

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Added by Catia Medeiros
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D   x5777x
Bm  7x777x --( Bm7 )
Bm * x24432
A   577655
G   355433
Em * 079980
Em  022000

D     Bm   A   D      Bm  G 
Sweet dis  po  sition
D  Bm A        D   Bm G
ne ver    too soon
oh reckless abandon
like no one s watching you

Em *
A moment, A love
a dream , aloud
A kiss, A cry
our rights, our wrongs

    D      Bm   A
so stay there
      G              Em *  
cause i’ll be coming over
    A                       D
and while our blood s still young
        Bm        G
it s so young, it runs
    Bm *                 G    Em
and won’t stop til it s over
A               D        
won t stop to surrender 
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