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In Relief Chords

John Frusciante

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Added by Gustavo Matos
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Afina��o E A D G B e como todas as musicas do John  
C      x32010 
D      xx0232 
G      x5543x 
F      x3321x 
Am      x02210 
Em      x22000 
     G             F      C 
To seem you're in me and over me 
   E      Am 
Relief in all things 
          F             Em 
And all things shoot through me 
           D           C 
And all things shoot through you 
Wherever you are 
     G             F              C 
To seem you're a dream when you never stop 
    E           Am 
And we ask you what you are 
   F       Em 
Believe as one 
   D        C 
Believe as one with 
What you believe in 
Travel slowly 
 Em       Am 
Move in circles 
          Em         Am       G 
You know time grows old in reverse 

G - G F# Em Em  
Life as a thing that began 
          Am Em 
And was magnified 
     Am            Em 
And made the fist fire and the last one 
    G        F           C 
To mean everything you never say 

               E           Am 
Every single thing going every way 
           F       Em 
When you leader's gone 
     D                 C 
He means to make you strong 
He never went away 

              F           Em Am 
Cuz what you need you are 
Em - Am - Em - Am - G
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