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Fire And Ice Chords

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Added by Cris
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(Transcribed by Tom Penfield) 
Use barre chords.  I wrote in the fills as notes; 
they're right next to each other, as opposed to the 
chords, i.e. it's the FG, GEbC and the ones in the bridge. 
G/B in the bridge is played: 
Cm                        Ab 
1.  You're giving me the fever tonight 
         Eb                         G 
I don't want to give in, I've been playing with fire. 
Cm                        Ab 
You forget I've seen your work before, 
take them straight to the top, 
              G         {notes} F G  Ab 
and leave them crying for more. 
I've see you burn them before. 
{notes} G Eb C 
Cm                 F G   Ab 
Fire and ice. 
You come on like flame and then you turn a cold shoulder. 
Cm           F G   Ab 
Fire and ice. 
I'm going to give you my love 
and you just take a little piece of my heart-- 
Ab              Cm 
you tear it apart. 
2.  Moving in for the kill tonight, 

you've got every advantage when they put out the light. 

It's not so pretty when it fades away, 

?cause it's just an illusion in this passion play. 

I've seen you burn them before. 
Chorus: but instead of F , go to Ab Bb 
G       {notes} A Bb     G/B    {notes} C D   Eb Ab 
So you think you've got it all figured out, 
                                      Bb   G 
you're an expert in the field without a doubt 
        {notes} A Bb  G/B {notes} C D  Eb 
I know your methods inside and out 
       Ab            Bb             Cm 
and I won't be taken in by fire and ice. 
Guitar solo in C blues scale. 
Chorus (2x) but keep going back to the 
Cm . 
Tom Penfield
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