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Casual Conversation Chords


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Added by Tiago Medeiros
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It doesn't matter what I say
G                        Bm7
You never listen anyway
F#                   Am
Just don't know what you're looking for
Cm6         G         D6
Imagination's all I have
G                    Bm
But ever then you say it's bad
F#                         Am
Just can't see why we disagree
Cm6         G       D6
Casual conversations how they bore me
C       Cm6                     G      D6
They go on and on endlessly
C       Cm6              G     D6
But no matter what I say
C                    Cm6
You ignore me anyway
        Em         E7
I might as well talk in my sleep (I could weep)
Am7                        D      D#5

You try to make me feel so small
Until there's nothing left at all
Why go on? Just hoping that we'll get along

There's no communication left between us
But is it me or you who's to blame?
There's nothing I can do, yes you're fading out of view
Don't know if I feel joy or pain

And now it's all been said
G                     Bm7
If you must leave then go ahead
F#                          Am
Should feel sad
Cm7          G
But I really believe that I'm glad
       D6                      G
Yes I really believe that I'm glad
       D6                      G 
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